Mother Fan Transmigrates as the Villainess Chapter 8 Part 2

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Chapter 8 – On Qi Anan’s phone screen, he saw a little… 

The two of them had been at the same desk for a while. Her cub no longer seemed to reject her as much as he did at the beginning. Sometimes she put her notebook on Jiang Lu’s desk, mistakenly used his pen, and even accidentally sprinkled water on his table. She hurriedly wiped it clean but was caught by him. Jiang Lu didn’t say anything when he saw it.

Jiang Lu’s fingers moved slightly. He was about to give her the eraser, but he suddenly stopped.

Erasers and pens weren’t the same. The eraser would pass the wrong handwriting and be covered with dirty dust. His eraser was too dirty.

In fact, Jiang Lu may not know that erasers were used to modify errors and that everyone’s erasers were dirty.

But he was different from others. The blood flowing under his skin was inherently filthy, and he had tried his best to make his things as clean as possible. If he used such dirty hands to take the same dirty eraser to Qi Anan, it was something he couldn’t accept in any way.

Qi Anan didn’t mind the pen he had used. He could deceive himself as if she didn’t care, but it wouldn’t work with the eraser. It was like tearing off his problems and letting him personally remind Qi Anan of his filth.

Jiang Lu whispered: “I don’t have an eraser.”

When he said this, his voice was soft, and his side face’s delicate and beautiful lines were a bit cold.

Qi Anan felt that he seemed a little unhappy. Did she poke him where it hurts? Qi Anan couldn’t help feeling a little distressed. Why are you afraid of not having erasers? Mom will buy it for you. Mom will buy you ten catties of erasers. 

10 catties = 5 kg or 11 lb

As she pondered, the male classmate in front of Qi Anan turned around, handed her an eraser, bared his big white teeth, and said very nicely: “Classmate, you can use mine.”

Jiang Lu raised his eyes and glanced at him.

Then his gaze fell down and fell on the eraser in the boy’s hand. It was black and dirty to hell that he couldn’t help frowning slightly.

“Okay, thank you, ah. “Qi Anan picked it up. Because they would change positions back and forth every week, this front table was newly changed this week. She hadn’t had a chance to get to know him. She asked: “What’s your name?”

“My name is Yu Tianyang.”

Oh! It turned out be Yu Tianyang.

Yu Tianyang was the only person Jiang Lu could call a friend when he was a student. When Jiang Lu got out of prison, Yu Tianyang picked him up and always followed behind Jiang Lu to make his way in the world.

Yu Tianyang had a good personality and treated Jiang Lu well. Because of this, he was affectionately called nephew by fans.

“So it’s you! I’m so happy to see you, nephew!” Yu Tianyang was a character who only appeared in high school in the novel. Qi Anan didn’t expect they were also in the same class in junior high school, so he called out his nickname because she was excited.


“What?” Yu Tianyang was very confused. “Are we related?”

“No, no. We aren’t related. I thought you were someone else. “Qi Anan explained casually, looking at Yu Tianyang affectionally.

慈爱 affectionally is usually used when referring to children.

Be sure to be good friends with my cub, nephew. I will try my best to help you chase your goddess.

The two just chatted a few words, chatting about a feeling of familiarity at first sight. Qi Anan was just like this. She was bright and likable, very nice to everyone, and easy for people to become fond of her. Jiang Lu looked indifferently beside him, his eyes darkened, and he turned his head without saying a word.

Qi Anan changed the answer sheet again. After handing in the paper, she studied for herself. There was still a long time before school was over. She had just made a large set of papers and absorbed much knowledge. She didn’t want to do any more questions for the time being.

Jiang Lu had been lying on his side again, exuding a don’t-disturb aura from head to toe.

Qi Anan had to take out her mobile phone and send WeChat messages to Butler Chen.

An An: Uncle Chen, take a few Dashun silly videos for me, or take a few stupid photos of him.

Butler Chen answered quickly, grieving and lamenting: Miss, you aren’t studying again.

Qi Anan fed him lies: Uncle Chen, I got a perfect score in the mock exam this time. Hurry up and let me see Dashun.

This time Butler Chen didn’t say a word, bombarded repeatedly, took several videos, and sent a bunch of pictures.

Qi Anan immediately entered the cat-appreciating state, trembling because of her darling Dashun’s cuteness. She held her mobile phone and loved it too much to put it down. She looked over. It was excruciating to contain her laughter at Dashun’s stupid and cute appearance.

There she goes again. Jiang Lu put down his pen, the irritability in his heart hadn’t been suppressed just now, but now it was getting stronger and stronger.

After trying hard twice, Jiang Lu couldn’t calmly ignore Qi Anan and finally couldn’t help but glance at her.

However, he saw the little kitty on Qi Anan’s mobile phone screen at this glance.


Jiang Lu’s eyes widened slightly, and he was baffled in place. This was…

He would never mistake the identity of the cat in the picture. There was a handful of white hair on his forehead. It was the cat he had raised for three years and put in front of Grandma Zhang’s house a few days ago.

Jiang Lu’s fingers curled up slowly. Blinked his eyes very slowly and looked at Qi Anan.

Qi Anan stared at the phone screen intently, unaware of Jiang Lu’s gaze. She didn’t know what kind of sight she looked like in the eyes of the other side.

The girl in the school uniform was indescribably clean and clear all over her body, with soft, broken hair covering her fair cheeks. When she laughed, there were cute dimples on her cheeks, which were incredibly soft and beautiful.

Jiang Lu opened his lips faintly uncontrollably: “Qi Anan…”

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