Mother Fan Transmigrates as the Villainess Chapter 8 Part 1

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Chapter 8 – On Qi Anan’s phone screen, he saw a little… 

Qi Anan, since her student days, had been a good student. She was asked to stand outside the door for the first time as a teacher’s punishment, and she still had such an image. When she returned home, she avenged these unfortunate events on Qi Yan’s head.

“Uncle Chen, is my brother coming back for dinner tonight?”

After getting a negative answer, Qi Anan decided to take advantage of the sis-con Qi Yan to complain and step on him: “Okay. He returned, saying he would accompany me but hadn’t even accompanied me for a day. If I ask him to take me out, he uses all sorts of excuses and refuses to give me a word. Then forget it. I also won’t look for him anymore.”

Qi Anan ran upstairs after complaining. As expected, within ten minutes, Qi Yan’s phone call came.

“Anan.” Qi Yan’s voice on the other end was very helpless. “Are you angry with brother?”

Hearing Qi Yan’s slightly tired but very gentle voice, Qi Anan had a guilty conscience. She hurriedly denied: “No, no, I’m not angry with you.”

Qi Yan smiled on the other side: “Be obedient. Tomorrow I’ll finish work, take you out for dinner, and stay home with you, okay?”

To be honest, Qi Anan wasn’t that angry that she needed Qi Yan to coax her. She was just making a pretentious appearance to get him to agree to her request. But Qi Yan coaxed her in such a low voice and patiently and meticulously, making Qi Anan somewhat embarrassed.

“Brother, aren’t you exhausted? You don’t have to come over to keep me company as soon as you finish work. I have no problem being alone. I’m just curious about the thing you signed that great god, I want to go and have a look, and you haven’t promised me.”

Forget it, forget it. Qi Yan had been a brother for so many years and had never heard any gentle words from his sister’s mouth. If she hadn’t transmigrated over, perhaps he would’ve never heard it in the future. She should still do a better job as a younger sister and take good care of this older brother she picked up.


After all, in the novel, Qi Yan did even worse things. The premise was to protect Qi Anan. He was very good; their parents weren’t reliable, their father was out spending money, and their mother kept pretty young men. Qi Anan was raised by his brother. He raised his sister carefree and without worries, to the extent that she wasn’t sensible but crafty and willful. It proved how much love he poured into her and doted on her.

When the sis-con Qi Yan heard this string of words. Tears almost fell down. He asked earnestly: “Anan, have you suffered any grievances recently? Why are you suddenly saying these words? You…” He paused for a moment. “Is it because Mom and Dad let you live alone that you’re so wronged?”

He thought for a while and said. “If you don’t like it there, brother will find a way to transfer you to my side.”

No, no, no, she wasn’t aggrieved. She liked it here, she liked it very much. It won’t take much longer. Her daughter would appear, and she was looking forward to it. Whoever asked her to leave was simply robbing her of the sugar jar.

Qi Anan hurriedly expressed her thoughts: “Brother, I really like it here, don’t worry about me, I’m quite used to it here, and I haven’t been wronged at all. If they don’t care about me, they don’t care about me. Don’t you still care about me?”

The girl’s delicate voice said such things, making people emotional in their hearts. As he flipped through the files on the other side, Qi Yan paused for a few seconds and said: “Well, you’re getting increasingly coquettish. Since you like it here, I will apply to the above for transfer here when the project is over. I will stay here longer to accompany you through high school.”

Qi Anan smiled: “Oh… that-“

“I promised you. I want to make it up to you. I will take you with me when the time comes.” Qi Yan said helplessly. “The temporary arrangement is that it’s scheduled for next Tuesday night. I will tell you if there are changes, so don’t worry about it.”

Qi Anan immediately smiled. “Brother is the best!”

She hung up the phone and secretly made a mental note of Tuesday as the date.

With this matter settled, Qi Anan’s whole person was obviously lively, and she didn’t continuously harass Uncle Chen in class.

She hadn’t looked at her mobile phone for almost a day, and Jiang Lu had noticed it long ago. She usually wanted to look at it three or four times a class, but today she was much more honest and obedient.

Jiang Lu’s heart was somehow also more relaxed than before.


The last two sessions today were the follow-up mock exams. Qi Anan finished it quickly. All in all, junior high school knowledge was still very easy for her. She cherished this small amount of time. After that, it may not be as easy as it is now in high school. It’s not as easy as it is now.

While Qi Anan was thinking about this, she secretly turned her eyes to look at Jiang Lu, only to find that she didn’t know when he had finished the paper.

This was normal. After all, he was such a good cub. Although he missed kindergarten and preschool because of his irresponsible mother, he didn’t even go to the first grade and went directly to the second grade. But he still showed fantastic talent, and there were rarely times when he didn’t have a perfect score in every exam.

But these were never taboo in his dark youthful years and the days of murder and imprisonment. Only later, when he returned to the city, standing at the height of calling the wind and summoning the rain. Someone gradually mentioned what kind of god-learning existence his campus career was back then.

calling the wind and summoning the rain: to stir up troubles

After thinking about it for a while, Qi Anan was really bored. She couldn’t chat with Jiang Lu for fear of disturbing him, and she didn’t respond after most of the chat. She picked up the answer sheet and checked it boringly.

Who knew whether this check was really checked correctly? She was careless and wrote the wrong options from the 12th question, resulting in the following options being all wrong.

This wasn’t okay. This was the first mock exam she did once she transferred. Although it was just a small exam with the class, it was also about face. Qi Anan flipped through the pen case but found that she didn’t bring an eraser.

Qi Anan had no choice but to whisper: “Jiang Lu, can you lend me an eraser?”

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