Mother Fan Transmigrates as the Villainess Chapter 7 Part 2

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Chapter 7 – “Hey.” He whispered.

Qi Anan had a lot of worries over the past two days. She feared she would miss this meeting between Qi Yan and Jiang Lu. She was also worried that he would be unable to handle it well after meeting and eventually let the cub be hurt. She was so worried that she didn’t sleep well. At this moment, listening to the teacher’s boring lectures on the teacher’s desk, the more she heard, the more drowsy she became.

After less than ten minutes, Qi Anan fell asleep on the table.

She was a typical not-well-behaved sleeper, no matter what occasion. After lying on the table alone for a while, she may press her arm, adjust her posture in a daze, and return to sleep.

But her elbow has crossed the gap between the two tables and rested on Jiang Lu’s table.

Qi Anan’s head was resting on her arm, and she originally tied up a bun. Her hair was smooth and supple, and her hair was thick. After she rubbed it twice, the bun was a little loose.

Jiang Lu was listening seriously. Qi Anan’s arm suddenly moved over. He subconsciously dodged to the side a little. When he reacted, he took a silent look at Qi Anan’s elbow that crossed the gap and resigned himself to moving his books to the side without waking her up.


Qi Anan was utterly asleep at the moment, and she was falling into a wonderful dreamland and couldn’t free herself.

In the dream, in a field of purple lavender flowers, her baby son and daughter were standing there, not talking, just gazing at each other. Qi Anan was shipping them like crazy. The novel never described such a sweet scene! She picked up the camera in her hand and shouted over there.

“Good little cubs, look at mommy here! Mommy is going to take pictures of you!”

What a fantastic scene! She wanted to take a picture of it as a screensaver! Ship them for a million years!

They turned around.

Jiang Lu’s face was familiar but didn’t look like the young man’s look at the moment. Although his face was young, there were traces of years of wind and frost on it, and he appeared to have suffered a lot and fatigued. His face was as calm as water, his pair of eyes dark and deep, with no smile at all.

wind and frost: hardships

The whole person was like a rock in the abyss, calm and crumbling.

The woman beside him was beautiful, but her expression was cold. Her chin was slightly raised as if disdainful and unwilling.

Qi Anan was very disappointed. The blue sky, white clouds, and lavender flowers, what beautiful scenery, but they all had… such expressions.

She held up the camera and begged: “You guys, smile a little. Smile.”

But no one listened. No matter how she pleaded, they refused to smile.

The blue sky was gradually disappearing, dark and heavy clouds began appearing, and the warm scene would soon be gone. Qi Anan was simply extremely anxious; she wanted to pull her hair in a hurry.


Qi Anan frowned slightly, muttered something in a low voice, and suddenly stretched out her hand to grab her hair.

As soon as she grabbed it like this, the already crumbling bun completely disintegrated. It was scattered all at once, spread on Jiang Lu’s book and arm, and the tip of her hair lay unreasonably on Jiang Lu’s palm.

The soft-touch made Jiang Lu retract his hand all at once. He looked at the soft hair winding on his table, and the owner of the hair was sleeping in the dark sky and black earth, with no intention of waking up at all.

dark sky and black earth: disorderly or troubledly

Jiang Lu was rarely at a loss.

After a pause, he picked up a pen on the table, hesitated for two seconds, and finally poked Qi Anan’s shoulder gently with the end of the pen.

“Hey.” He whispered.

Qi Anan didn’t wake up. Not only did she not wake up, but she also moved her shoulder as if telling him to stop causing trouble.

Jiang Lu was about to lose his temper, so he had no choice but to slightly increase his strength and poke Qi Anan’s shoulder again.

Only then did Qi Anan wake up. The person who just woke up was inevitably a little confused. She had forgotten where she was. She sat upright abruptly, her slightly misty eyes covered with a thin film of water, and she looked wetly toward Jiang Lu.

– Why are you poking me?

The girl’s eyes were crystal clear because she was puzzled and showed a bit of innocence. Her cheek had a red mark; she looked silly and cute. Her long hair was fluffy and slightly messy.

Jiang Lu’s fingers holding the pen stiffened for a moment, so fast that no one noticed it.

Qi Anan got up as soon as she got clearheaded. She touched the table and asked in a low voice: “What’s the matter? Why is my hair loose? Where is my hairband?”

Jiang Lu didn’t say a word, picked up the hairband from his table, and threw it at her.

Before Qi Anan could say thank you, the teacher in front of her couldn’t stand it anymore: “That female student, what are you doing? What about class? What’s wrong with your hair?”

This teacher was a veteran cadre with an inflexible temper. He usually didn’t like to listen to gossip. He didn’t know about the transfer of the daughter of a big-money bigshot in the school. He didn’t realize it was Qi Anan. Things that he couldn’t bear to see must be immediately reprimanded and punished without mercy.

Hearing that sound, the students all turned their heads, and their eyes fell on Qi Anan.

At this moment, Jiang Lu felt clear rejection in his heart.

Perhaps it was because he was sitting close to Qi Anan, so he was also forced to be the center of attention. He really, really hated these gazes.

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