Mother Fan Transmigrates as the Villainess Chapter 7 Part 1

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Chapter 7 – “Hey.” He whispered.

That morning, Jiang Lu was walking to school alone. The early morning sunlight shone on the side of his face, and his pale skin had an almost transparent realism.

“Lulu -” Suddenly, someone behind him called him out.

Jiang Lu stopped in his tracks and turned slightly sideways. Only to see an old grandmother pushing her bicycle up, smiling at him: “It’s really you, Lulu. How long has it been since I last saw you? From a distance, I felt from the view of the back, it would be you.”

Jiang Lu nodded shallowly. His breath was calm: “Grandma Zhao, long time no see.”

Grandma Zhao was an elderly person living alone in the neighborhood. Her only son worked abroad and only came home for the New Year. She had been living alone for so many years. A few years ago, when the road behind the neighborhood was under construction, the ground was muddy and slippery after the rain. The elderly woman couldn’t walk properly and accidentally fell down, and after a long time, no one dared to go up to help.


Jiang Lu was seven or eight years old and still a child at that time. When he saw it, he helped Grandma Zhao up and sent her all the way back home.

After so many years, Grandma Zhao didn’t have grandchildren under her knee to cater to. She is really heartbroken at Jiang Lu.

to cater to: to make happy

When the child saw her fall, he walked over without hesitation. At a young age, he already knew that he wasn’t treated well by others, and he was afraid that others would turn their backs on him. He shrank his little hands in his sleeves and helped her through the clothes. After sending her home, he turned his head and ran away without saying a word.

It was a pity that every time she wanted to invite him to her house to stay for a while or buy him some food and clothing, he never accepted it.

Whenever she saw Jiang Lu, she couldn’t help but think of the past. Grandma Zhao sighed: “Has Lulu eaten breakfast already? Grandma will buy you buns to eat.”

“No, I’ve already eaten.” Jiang Lu answered. “It rained two days ago. If you want to wipe the glass, don’t go up by yourself, I will go over to wipe it for you on the weekend.”

Aiya, I don’t need you to do manual labor for me.” Grandma Zhao sighed and complained. “You only come by a few times a year, and when you do, you only do manual labor for me. I’d be happy if you came to see me more often.”

Jiang Lu faintly turned his head away and said softly. “It will cause you trouble.”

Grandma Zhao wasn’t happy to hear this: “Don’t listen to those people out there yapping about. How are you bad? Not to mention you’re kind-hearted. You’ve taken first place in every exam from childhood to adulthood. Whose child can be so good? Those who slanderous gossip for no cause, no reason, their mouths, and heads are full of bullshit. You mustn’t take it to heart.”

Lulu was obviously the best child. If others treated him well, he would return the best things within his ability. She just treated him a little differently than ordinary people, and he was the first one that helped her. After she saw him and said a few words gently, the child would always keep her in his heart.

After listening to Grandma Zhao, Jiang Lu didn’t say anything. The clouds were pale, and a light breeze was blowing on his face as if he didn’t care – whether it was people’s badmouthing or Grandma Zhao fighting for his justice.

This year he had grown very tall. He was standing there at nearly 1.80 meters tall (5ft10). There was a feeling of being able to support both heaven and earth.

Being able to support both heaven and earth: tall and heroic.

Grandma Zhao’s eyes were a little sour. She wiped and suddenly remembered something: “Lulu ah, I want to install a computer at home to make it easier to video remotely with my children. I don’t understand these things, if you have time, help me see what kind to buy. Also, ah, don’t you want to paint? Don’t go outside and spend money on computers in the future. Just come to Grandma’s house to paint, okay?”

Jiang Lu nodded when he heard the previous sentence but disagreed with the latter sentence.

“No.” He said, “It’s too disturbing.”

Grandma Zhao moved her mouth and eventually didn’t persuade him anymore. She helplessly shook her head: “Okay… then you go to school first. We’ve already chatted for a while. Don’t be late and delay your studies.”

Jiang Lu gently pursed his lips, hesitated for a moment, or couldn’t help but ask: “By the way, Grandma Zhao, did you go downstairs to Grandma Zhang’s house in the past two days? Was there… a new cat in her house?”

Grandma Zhao thought for a moment, “hissed,” puzzled over: “I’ve been to visit, but they still seem to be four cats in their house. I didn’t see an extra one, huh? Xiao Zhang loves cats so much. If she really had another little guy, she would definitely show off to me.”

She didn’t keep it.

Jiang Lu’s heart sank a little. He clearly, the next day, secretly went to see that the cardboard box was already empty. The kitten was clearly taken away. Didn’t Grandma Zhang take it away?

He hesitantly nodded: “Okay, I see.”

Qi Anan had been worried recently. That day she asked Qi Yan when she would meet Jiang Lu, but Qi Yan hadn’t given her an accurate answer.

But Qi Yan wasn’t to be blamed for this. He had just entered the company a few years after graduating from college. He had worked hard to reach his current position. He had endless things to deal with daily, and most of them required him to make decisions personally.

But he used it to accompany Qi Anan whenever he could spare some time in the nooks and crannies. The signing of the contract wasn’t a small matter. He didn’t want to entrust it to others, so he couldn’t help but delay it for a few days.


Finally, yesterday Qi Yan said that there will be free time in the few days at the end of the month. He planned to take half a day to sign the contract, but he also said that he may not have time on weekends. He asked Qi Anan to go to class properly and not follow him and make a mess.

How could she make a mess? If she didn’t go, things went on according to the original novel’s plot. How much aggravation would her cub have to suffer? Her baby’s dream would shatter. This was something that a mother couldn’t stand no matter what.

Qi Yan was busy at work, and Qi Anan didn’t dare to disturb him at will, so he adopted a roundabout policy. In the past two days, she had frequently contacted Butler Chen. She was itching to make sure with Butler Chen every hour: What will Qi Yan do in the next few days? Were there any changes?

After listening to the lesson for a while, Qi Anan took out her mobile phone.

An An: Uncle Chen, is there any latest news? What’s going on on my brother’s side these two days?

An An: duck.gif


Lao Chen: Nothing has changed. There will be a one-day meeting tomorrow to report on something. He’ll go to the head office in the evening and return the next day. The itinerary for the future hasn’t yet been determined.

Lao Chen: smile.jpg

An An: Keep in touch. Let me know as soon as you have any new information!

Lao Chen: Okay.

Lao Chen: Have a good lesson.

Lao Chen: smile.jpg

Qi Anan put down her phone and let out a small sigh of frustration.

The voice she made was tiny, so small that it was utterly negligible. Still, Jiang Lu beside her looked sideways and glanced at her silently.

He saw it two days ago. The little girl who was usually happy all day, he didn’t know what was on her mind. She was sitting on the side much more honest than before. She held her mobile phone, and who knew who she was chatting with.

Jiang Lu’s gaze calmly turned back to the blackboard.

What she had to do, who she was chatting with. What did it have to do with him?

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