Mother Fan Transmigrates as the Villainess Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Cub, cub. Be good.

Qi Anan hadn’t eaten the snacks at the school entrance as a student for a long time. Who could have thought she would meet her cub when she ate a meal on the way out of school. This road was the only way for the two to go home, but reasonably speaking, Jiang Lu should have been home long ago.

Shouldn’t it be… it’s inconvenient to go back now for Jiang Lu, right? Several times in the book, it was described that his mother sometimes took men home, and during this time, Jiang Lu would wander outside like a wandering soul.

Qi Anan glanced at Jiang Lu, who was standing there alone. In the sea of people, he carried extremely intense loneliness.

She should have guessed correctly.

Seeing such a plot in the past, Qi Anan felt so distressed that she couldn’t wait to take out the paper man from the novel and take him to her home and give him all kinds of delicious food. No matter what, he should be able to fill his stomach and have a roof over his head at his carefree age.

In the current situation, her cub must be absolutely starving! The old mother wasn’t calm anymore!

Qi Anan walked forward quickly. She held a half-pack of fried chicken fillet in her right hand and the omelet pancake in her left in front of Jiang Lu: “Jiang Lu, have you not had dinner yet? If you’re hungry, I’ll give you all these. Tell me if it’s not enough, and I’ll rebuy them.”

Jiang Lu glanced down and looked at them.

The evening spring breeze was warm, blowing up bursts of the sweet girlish fragrance. The smell of the omelet pancake and the fried chicken fillet was surprisingly good, and everything was beautiful in the background of the noisy streets.

And Jiang Lu chuckled, his voice very cold: “Qi Anan, who wants your sympathy?”



Was her behavior inappropriate? Did she make the cub feel uncomfortable in his heart? Qi Anan hurriedly glanced at the things in her hands – Hmm, she had already eaten half a bag of fried chicken fillet, so it wouldn’t be good to give it to others.

Qi Anan put the chicken fillet behind her and raised her left hand.

“Jiang Lu, I’ve eaten the fried chicken fillet. Hmm… Although it was eaten with bamboo skewers, it’s really not good to give it to you. I’ll buy you a new one next time. I haven’t touched the omelet pancake yet. You can eat it.”

“Or do you have something you really want to eat?” Mom will take you to eat whatever you want! I’ve thought of feeding you a hundred times! It’s the thing I want to do most!

Jiang Lu took a deep breath and asked in a low voice: “What the hell do you want?”

What did she want… Qi Anan looked into Jiang Lu’s eyes with a firmness in his heart.

In the long run, she wanted to give him bright teenage years, dispel all his darkness and pain, let him grow up carefree, meet his beloved girl, and fall in love happily with her. She, the old mother, would happily ship them and eat candy on the side.

However, no one would believe in this long-term goal. So she should talk about the near future. Qi Anan raised her hand: “I want you to eat something. Not eating isn’t good for your health. You will get sick in the long run.”

Jiang Lu clenched his hands tightly and whispered: “I’ve eaten.”

Qi Anan didn’t believe it. Jiang Lu took care of his every meal. He obviously couldn’t even get in the house at the moment and definitely didn’t eat.

She blinked: “You’re talking nonsense. I heard your stomach grumbling just now.”

Jiang Lu was expressionless: “I didn’t.”

Qi Anan couldn’t help but smile and was about to say something when suddenly two whistles came from the street, and someone over there called to her: “Anan!”

The two turned around simultaneously and saw a black Bentley parked on the side of the road. The man with his head sticking out of the driver’s seat was handsome, and he waved at Qi Anan with a smile in his eyes: “What about this greedy little cat? You didn’t go home after school so you could eat at the roadside stall?”

Qi Anan hesitated. This was…

Seeing her hesitation to speak, the man in the car pretended to be unhappy: “Hey, what’s wrong with you? You don’t call brother when you see him.”


It was really her “Qi Anan’s” brother, Qi Yan! In the novel, the male character N who ended up as miserable as her, a pampering lunatic with no bottom line.

Qi Yan was a mysterious character. The whole world believed Qi Anan was a paranoid and perverted female psychopath. Only he always firmly thought that his sister was a treasure. For this reason, he did a lot of unprincipled things.

Seeing Qi Yan appear during this period could be considered a highlight, and she had to deal with it well. Qi Anan stuffed the omelet pancake into Jiang Lu’s hands, and her words flew so quickly that he couldn’t speak: “This is my brother. I’ve got something important. So I’ll leave first. Cub, cub, remember to eat the omelet pancake. Be good!”

After speaking, Qi Anan trotted to the side of the road and got into the passenger seat while “giggling.”

What did she call him just now?

Jiang Lu stood in place with a complicated expression, watching Qi Anan get into the car and leave.

Cub, cub. Be good.

He moved his fingers lightly, blinked his eyes very slowly, and the food on his palm was white and warm.

“Who was that just now? Your classmate? Is your relationship good?” After the car started, Qi Yan couldn’t help asking.

He glanced sideways at Qi Anan, and before she could answer, he smiled and stretched out his hand to wipe the oil from her mouth: “How old are you? Your mouth is full of oil.”

Qi Anan wiped it twice casually: “Okay la, I’ll wipe it myself. Your suit is very expensive. Don’t touch it and get it dirty.”

Qi Yan’s fingers paused, and his face changed slightly: “An’an, has something happened to you recently? Is someone giving you a hard time, or is Butler Chen not taking good care of them?”

His younger sister, who grew up in the palm of his hand since she was a child, used his high-end suit as a napkin to wipe her mouth and throw away at will. To say that he shouldn’t get his clothes dirty, the sun was shining out of the west.

Look, this was the world’s number one good brother who didn’t fall in love, didn’t hold a career, and concentrated on pampering his sister in the original novel. Back then, this role caused the most considerable controversy in the book. After all, except for his villain status and Qi Anan, Qi Yan’s brother was simply the dream of thousands of girls. He saved the galaxy in his previous life. Only in this life could there be such a brother.

Qi Anan, in the novel, didn’t know how to cherish him. Her brother fell on her, and she had to cherish it. Qi Anan smiled and waved his hand: “Where do you want to go? No one is giving me a hard time. I’m happy every day. Can’t I grow up and be sensible?”

Qi Yan was dubious: “You must tell my brother if you’re bullied.”

When he was ten, he had to worry about her like a father’s heart. Qi Anan nodded: “I see. No one can bully me. I’m fierce.”

“Who was that boy just now? Do you have a good relationship?” This topic aside, Qi Yan hadn’t forgotten the question just now.

Qi Anan replied with discretion: “Quite okay. I’m at the same desk. He’s good at studying.”

Qi Yan replied with a “Hmm” and said: “Puppy love isn’t allowed.”

What the hell? Isn’t it messy to split the love birds’ cp? That’s my son. You’re his uncle. Qi Anan quickly nodded and admitted: “Nothing. I promise not to have puppy love. Puppy love is impossible with him, don’t worry.”

She was most afraid of Qi Yan saying the words puppy love. When Qi Yan appeared in the book,” Qi Anan” had been harassing Jiang Lu for a while. When he asked, Qi Anan didn’t have the face to say that Jiang Lu always hated him, so he lied and said that Jiang Lu was a prostitute. Seeing that she had money, the daughter’s son seduced her and wanted to be the son-in-law of the Qi family.

Qi Yan was furious when he heard this and immediately asked someone to break one of Jiang Lu’s legs. Although the bones were later connected, he couldn’t run or jump for the rest of his life. He had to endure the pain of bone erosion every time it rained on a cloudy day.

Qi Anan pursed her mouth. Now that she is here, she will definitely not let such a thing happen. Recalling the plot, Qi Anan asked carefully: “Brother, why did you come here suddenly?”

“The company launched a new game a while ago and has cooperated with several companies here. It’s good that you’re here, so I came to have a look in person.”

“Ah, also. “Qi Yan said. “This project is in luck. It allowed me to find a good artist, which was really ingenious. I’ve already contacted him. It happens that he also lives in City S. I’ll happen to look into it. If appropriate, I’ll sign a contract with him and ask him to be the main artist.”

Sure enough, it was here, Qi Anan thought secretly.

The genius painter Qi Yan said it wasn’t else anyone else but Jiang Lu. He had an excellent talent for painting since he was a child. At a young age, he was able to support himself on his own. If no one had stirred him up in the middle of the process, he would have been able to live a life without worry and food, enter college, and embark on a bright and smooth life.

But all of this was destroyed in this contract signing meeting.

Of course, Qi Yan wouldn’t sign an employee rumored to sleep with men, let alone someone who had a repulsive face and tried to meddle with his 16-year-old sister. At that time, he was in a high position, and it was just a matter of moving his mouth to block a person in a circle.

This way, Jiang Lu was covered with scars and lost his economic source. Under the ridicule of everyone and Qi Anan ruining him, he ultimately fell into the abyss.


Even after he was released from prison, he quickly became a nouveau rich in the business world. Eventually, he became a big boss who could call the wind and rain. He never moved his brush again. But Qi Anan always remembered what was mentioned in the book. Art was Jiang Lu’s true love, but he felt he was no longer worthy of painting.

How could this be? Cub had a dream, she must fully support it, and no one could destroy it this time.

But their meeting was about to go wrong, and it was severe. Qi Anan looked at Qi Yan with a serious face: “Brother, when do you plan to meet… that great god? I also want to go. Don’t see him secretly without saying a word. You must take me with you.”

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