Mother Fan Transmigrates as the Villainess Chapter 5 Part 2

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Chapter 5Qi Anan, on a box of band-aids, drew a…

Qi Anan had no idea what Jiang Lu thought in his heart. He never glanced here again, let alone took the initiative to speak.

It seemed that it wasn’t feasible for him to accept her band-aid, so she had to find a way to outsmart him. Qi Anan drew a big smiley face on the box of band-aids – Cub, you have to grow up happily. Mom’s sugar depends on you to produce it!

Taking advantage of the fact that she turned around and took a book, Qi Anan quickly put her eyes and hands in the side pockets of Jiang Lu’s backpack.

Qi Anan quietly glanced at Jiang Lu. She was moving around, he must not have bothered to pay attention to her, and he shouldn’t notice her little movements. But… he was really worthy of being the divine face value that had been repeatedly emphasized in the book. Jiang Lu’s side face was simply outstanding, from jet-black hair to the smooth lines of the lower jaw.

Everything was fine, but it happened too fast. As soon as the bell rang after class, Jiang Lu picked up his school bag and walked out, letting Qi Anan not even have a chance to say a word of the sentence, “Let’s go home together after school.”

Forget it. The future was long. A qualified mommy wouldn’t bicker with her eldest son.

The community where Jiang Lu lived was so old that even the paint on the sign at the door had come off. He turned from the main road into the gate and walked to the side of the building where he lived. He suddenly stopped.

A couple, a teenage boy and a teenage girl, were around the corner, out of the way in front. They weren’t very old and wearing their school uniforms. Their two small hands secretly holding together. It was relatively secluded here. Almost no one passed, but they still looked around nervously.

Immediately afterward, the boy bent down and quickly kissed the girl on the lips. It was hair triggering. Both turned their heads swiftly and shyly, their hearts thumping, underripe and beautiful.


In the distance, Jiang Lu was caught off guard and saw this scene. His face turned pale, he wanted to continue his way as if nothing had happened, but before taking a few steps, he covered his stomach and bent down. Retching.

Jiang Lu held on to the tree trunk, and a few blue veins bulged on his forehead because of his exertion. He knew very early that he was abnormal. His aversion to the relationship between men and women was almost pathological.

When he was young, he saw his mother and different men rolling and lingering on the bed in the bedroom or on the sofa in the living room more than once. At that time, he could only lock himself in the room and vomit in the dark.

Outsiders thought he was dirty, but he didn’t deny it. His eyes had seen too much filth and were indeed dirty from the inside out.

Jiang Lu slowed down a little, rinsed his mouth, and walked forward slowly. When he was about to reach the door, he saw a car parked by the road.

It was a Mercedes-Benz with a bright and shiny body and well-taken care of extravagance in all aspects. It wasn’t something that people in this community could afford to drive. And the parking location also represented where the owner of the car was now.

Jiang Lu felt nausea he had just suppressed surging up again.

He turned around and walked out without saying a word, forcing himself to breathe fresh air.

He walked all the way out of the neighborhood to the main road. Many people were coming and going on the streets, some were in groups of three or five, talking and laughing together, and some parents held their children’s hands and listened to them about what they had seen and heard this day.

It was peaceful everywhere, full of life, and it seemed he was incompatible with the world.

There was a buzzing noise in his ears, and the mean words weighed down in the bottom of his heart rang out:

“He’s a dirty thing. Let’s throw him into the junkyard. The dirty should be with the garbage.”

“Go to school? It’s pointless. Your mother didn’t give birth to you to pay your tuition.”

“Is he your son? Tsk tsk tsk…”

“You know how to give birth. What a beautiful child. Now that I’ve checked send him to me in two years when he’s older.”

Yeah, he couldn’t fit in. He was a monster. He was the bastard son who was born from a whore. Garbage that could never be washed clean of dirty blood.


Jiang Lu closed his eyes and couldn’t help but bend over and retch several times. He was leaning on his knees and gasping for air when something suddenly fell out of his backpack’s side pocket.

The packaging was familiar. It was a box of small band-aids. The difference was that there was an ugly smiley face on the box.

He didn’t know when Qi Anan stuffed it in.

Jiang Lu looked at it in a daze for a while, then slowly stretched out his hand to pick it up. He raised his hand in silence for a long time, trying to throw it into the trash can not far away, but he paused in mid-air and gradually hung down again.

In the end, he put the box of band-aids back in its place.

Jiang Lu wandered in one direction, and when he was about to reach the school, he saw a familiar figure coming head-on.

Qi Anan held a bag of fried chicken fillet in her left hand, and a bamboo skewer in her right hand was going to her mouth, with an omelet pancake hanging on her slender wrist.

Fried chicken fillet
Omelet pancake

The demons and gods at work. He stopped abruptly.

The demons and gods at work (idiom): a curious coincidence.

Qi Anan didn’t notice Jiang Lu at all, chewing food with bulging cheeks and eating very seriously. It wasn’t until she finished this bite and poked the fried chicken fillet with a bamboo stick that she finally found Jiang Lu standing not far away.

Qi Anan’s mouth stopped abruptly. Her eyes were like circles.

Pretty silly.

Jiang Lu cast aside his gaze; nausea lingering just now inexplicably dissipated a lot.

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