Mother Fan Transmigrates as the Villainess Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5Qi Anan, on a box of band-aids, drew a…

Qi Anan looked at Jiang Lu’s expressionless face when he looked over, she couldn’t see joy nor anger in his pitch-black eyes, so she smiled and shook the pen in her hand: “They’re too many books, so they rolled down, it wasn’t on purpose hahaha…”

It was her.

The slight surprise in Jiang Lu’s eyes was so fast that it was difficult to capture. Qi Anan didn’t notice it, from her point of view, Jiang Lu just glanced at her with an expressionless face, and then turned his head over in a calm fashion.

It could be seen that the big boss was really a big boss, when unnecessary, he would never waste any expression.

Although the big boss didn’t look like he would talk to her, it didn’t matter. Qi Anan was now very happy to be at the same desk with her beloved cub.

She threw the pen into the pen case carelessly, casually snapped the lid shut, and happily packed her books.

Jiang Lu’s gaze only paused on the pen case for two more seconds before retracting his gaze. He was as expressionless as usual, doing his questions, but after a while, his pencil froze.

Today was just too different.

His new deskmate had such a strong presence that he could hardly ignore her. He didn’t know if something good had happened to her, but her whole person was brimming with a happy atmosphere, like a puppy wagging its head. She wasn’t sitting on the stool honestly, a pair of small legs wiggling around, that was annoying as hell.

In the past, he was surrounded by deeply stagnant water, and the people sitting around him never made too much noise, they quietly moved the table and chairs out a bit, as if they wanted to stay away from him and breathe some fresh air.


However, this wasn’t a bad thing. He felt at ease in the silence he was accustomed to, unlike now, as if he had broken some law, he simply didn’t know which course to follow.

didn’t know which course to follow: at a loss what to do.

It was annoying, but there seemed to be some difference from the usual annoyance.

Jiang Lu lowered his gaze and returned his attention to the book in front of him. He turned his body slightly to isolate himself from the liveliness beside him.

However, after it felt quiet for less than a minute, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a small hand stretch out from the side, and her white and slender index finger poked his cuffs cautiously.

Jiang Lu put his pen down: “What are you doing?”

Qi Anan was just immersed in the happiness of being at the same desk with her cub, she was happy for a while before she suddenly remembered that she had forgotten something important. She took out a box of band-aids from a compartment of her school bag and handed it to Jiang Lu: “Jiang Lu, your hand is hurt.”

Although Jiang Lu didn’t suffer a loss in the morning, his body wasn’t an iron wall after all, even if he beat the group of delinquents to the ground, scratches and bruises couldn’t be avoided. His hands were good-looking, with distinct joints and beautiful lines, and the scars on them were particularly eye-catching.

However, even if it was eye-catching, it was useless. The owner of the scar didn’t care, he would just leave it out there, regardless, as if there was no point in dealing with it at all. It was written in the novel that Jiang Lu had a scarred body, and in the end, there were indelible marks on his hands, his face, and his heart.

Qi Anan pushed the band-aid forward, there was no other way, the old mother had a lot to worry about.

However, it was a mother’s responsibility to take good care of her cub. How could she stand by and watch Jiang Lu leave scars on his body? When her daughter appears after a while, she wouldn’t be able to explain.

The corners of the small box gently rubbed against the back of his hand, causing a tingling sensation. Jiang Lu’s fingers curled up unconsciously, the small box of band-aids seemed to carry some kind of magic, making his gaze deeply worried on it for a full three seconds before he frowned and looked at Qi Anan.

Jiang Lu wasn’t very old, but from childhood, he had tasted the fickleness of human nature, the hypocrisy of the world, a pair of eyes cultivated sharpness and viciousness. But even so, he couldn’t see that Qi Anan had an ulterior motive, or perhaps that she approached ambiguously.

Her eyes were crystal clear, she really just wanted to give him a band-aid to deal with the wound, and she didn’t mean anything else.

Jiang Lu was silent for a moment, he averted his gaze, and when he opened his mouth, he deliberately used a cold and distant tone: “No need, thank you.”

“But your hands are still bleeding, you didn’t even take care of the wound yourself. How can you just ignore it?” Others were still studying on their own, Qi Anan was anxious in her heart, and could only persuade him in a low voice.

Jiang Lu said: “Don’t worry about it.”


After he said this, he picked up the pen, he moved around casually, the wound of the joint was tugged and blood flowed out. Qi Anan felt pain just looking at it. Seeing him so indifferent, she didn’t hold back for a second and reached out for his pen.

“Look at you! Put your hand flat, first stop writing.”

Jiang Lu didn’t expect Qi Anan to suddenly take his pen, and this time, he really let her take the pen out of his hand. Because the lid of the pen wasn’t covered, the tip of the pen crossed, and his palm was instantly left with an eye-grabbing black line.

Jiang Lu: “…”

Qi Anan felt as though her head could explode, she felt that she had been unlucky from the moment she transmigrated as this female psychopath. Continuously until now, she had done quite unlucky things.

“… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. Go wash your hands after class… Hey, but wash your hands carefully, don’t let the wound touch the water.” Qi Anan pulled a long face. She touched the cover of the pen in Jiang Lu’s hand with one hand, covered the pen, and handed it to him: “I’m returning it to you.”

The girl’s voice was sweet by nature, and when she kept her voice down, it sounded even softer and waxy, she was saying words he had never heard before, and those words themselves carried gentleness.

Jiang Lu took the pen without saying a word, and a hint of perplexity appeared in his heart.

Just now Qi Anan reached out and touched his desk, covered the pen, and handed it back, but he couldn’t find any disdain nor repulsion in her expression, which was naturally quite incredible.

Why didn’t she think his things were dirty?

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