Mother Fan Transmigrates as the Villainess Chapter 4 Part 2

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Chapter 4 – “Apologize to Jiang Lu.”

After class, Qi Anan, with great bitterness and deep hatred, took a water cup to the water room to pick up water. When she passed by the teacher’s office, she caught a few keywords in the conversation inside. She stopped and stood quietly outside the door.

Several teachers inside were chatting comfortably, she was hidden by the door, and what they said fell clearly in Qi Anan’s ears.

“Wang Minhui’s parents called me again today, saying that no matter what, the seat for their child had to be changed. What do you think this is all about? How many people have been changed back and forth, and isn’t it always the same result?”

“Then you have to change her teacher Zhang ah, Wang Minhui in your class is a good seedling for learning, such good grades, she shouldn’t be delayed by this matter anymore.”

Teacher Zhang sighed helplessly: “She’s good at learning, that’s true. But if you talk about good at learning, is Jiang Lu’s learning not good? He takes first place at every exam.”

“Stop.” With a sneer, a slightly greasy man’s voice came: “What’s the use of being good at learning these days? How many top students are still worried about work even after university? The one in your class, Jiang Lu, has such a withdrawn and gloomy personality, look at how bony his body is. How can such a person mix in society in the future?”

He lowered his voice a bit: “Besides ah, whether or not he can go to university is still up in the air. Our family has lived in the old city for more than ten years, his mother, who hasn’t heard of that broken thing, this woman never cared for him for even a day after she gave birth to the child. He could be considered tenacious, he raised himself until he was this big on his own. Since he was a child, his tuition fees were saved little by picking up empty bottles and selling old newspapers. The further he goes, the more he would need to spend. How long can he last? How can he study if he doesn’t have any money?”


A female teacher couldn’t help but interrupt: “It’s strange. If his mother doesn’t care about him at all, then why did she give birth to him?”

When chatting and gossiping, people were always lively. The male teacher sounded a bit excited: “A calamity, she wanted to get close to a big shot. I heard that his father is a big boss who runs a film and television company in Beijing, extremely powerful. That person’s wealth is something we simply cannot imagine. Wasn’t he moved when she wanted to have a son to tie a man’s heart? As a result, that person simply regarded her as a plaything.”

“Look at his mom now, she’s so outrageous. She can lead three men to her house in one night, and he grew up like this…” The male teacher tsk tsk chuckled: “This child, who knows what will happen in the future…”

The more she heard, the more outrageous it was, Qi Anan couldn’t listen anymore. She frowned and pushed open the door, the voice inside stopped abruptly, and the teachers turned around to look at her.

Once they saw it was her, several teachers instantly changed into enthusiastic smiles. The female teacher sitting in the middle stood up and asked kindly: “Anan, what’s wrong? Can I help you?”

This should be Ms. Zhang, the head teacher of her class. Qi Anan pursed her lips and got straight to the point: “Teacher, I want to be at the same desk as Jiang Lu.”

Teacher Zhang was taken aback, and several teachers behind her all looked at each other. She didn’t understand for a moment what exactly Qi Anan wanted to do and only put on a gentle smile to ask: “You want to be at the same desk with… Jiang Lu? Really? Do your parents know about this matter?”

Qi Anan said: “I really want to be at the same desk with him, my family wouldn’t care about this.”

If Qi Anan’s family didn’t ask any questions, then she was indeed a good candidate. She mentioned it herself to be at the same desk. It was her own idea to be a desk mate, and her parents didn’t intervene, which was indeed comforting.


In this way, Jiang Lu’s big problem was solved, but Ms. Zhang still couldn’t understand Qi Anan’s request: “Anan, why do you want to be desk mates with Jiang Lu?”

It couldn’t be said that others could be at the same desk with him, in the end, her cub would be wronged. She didn’t trust anyone, okay? Qi Anan pursed her mouth and looked at Ms. Zhang seriously and said: “Because Jiang Lu is the best student, I want to study with him.”

Teacher Zhang was completely relieved, The little lady seemed to be really well behaved. There was no arrogance for being the daughter of a rich family, she was so soft that she couldn’t help but like her.

She nodded: “Okay, the teacher will arrange it for you, you go back first.”

The last class in the afternoon was self-study. As soon as the bell rang for the penultimate class, the female classmates around her immediately began to pack up their stationery and books. They moved quickly, some of them couldn’t hide their excitement.

Jiang Lu didn’t look her way. He didn’t have to think about it. It was gratifying that his new desk mate, who hadn’t been sitting at the same desk for long, could finally stay away from the wrong place like the place beside him.

In fact, sitting alone was quite good. Others disliked him and feel sick when they were close, but they didn’t know that the disgust in his heart was by no means less than the other side’s.


A bundle of tall books landed on the desk next to him, interrupting his thoughts. The books were too high, and several pens on them wobbled and rolled down, rolling all the way to Jiang Lu’s desk.

Jiang Lu didn’t look up at the person next to him, he glanced at the pen that rolled to his hand – a brightly colored cartoon pattern, a girl’s pen.

The last time a pen accidentally rolled onto his desk, it was thrown away by its owner without hesitation. This time should be no exception.

Because he was dirty, anything that got on him would become unclean.

However, this time Jiang Lu didn’t wait for the same ending, a small hand reached over and quickly picked up a few pens and held them in the palm of her hand, and even accidentally rubbed the back of his hand a little.

It was soft and warm.

Jiang Lu’s hand froze for a moment. For others, the unintentional physical touch was very ordinary and mundane, but for him, it was almost an unprecedented experience.

He finally couldn’t help but look up-

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