Mother Fan Transmigrates as the Villainess Chapter 4 Part 1

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Chapter 4 – “Apologize to Jiang Lu.”

The few male students obviously didn’t expect Qi Anan to suddenly stand up for herself and scold them, not to mention they didn’t expect it, Jiang Lu, who had already sat down with a calm expression, when he heard Qi Anan’s voice, he slightly raised his eyebrows and cast his glance ahead.

Qi Anan didn’t know anything about this, and was still teaching the brats: “What are you sitting here for? Did the school teach you to get together and talk gossip? It’s really so unpleasant. Take care of yourself, don’t think about how to mock and make remarks about others all day long. The ones who are fish that escaped the net on the nine-year compulsory education. It’s you guys.”

(t/n: 漏网之鱼 fish that escaped the net means a criminal who escaped by chance.)

The few male students flushed because of what she said, in fact, they didn’t understand anything, they all learned it after listening to the adults and learned it ignorantly.

When they were scolded by Qi Anan, one of them couldn’t lose face and couldn’t help but talk back: “What’s your problem? Did we say anything wrong? You two obviously have a relationship, right? Otherwise, why would you be speaking up for him so much.”

What kind of thinking was that? Qi Anan retorted: “We have a relationship. Is it strange that we are friends? I have a mother-daughter relationship with my mother, a father-daughter relationship with my father, and a brother-sister relationship with my brother, how come it isn’t normal in your eyes? Can the thing above your neck still be called a head?”

Qi Anan said this while not forgetting to draw all the contradictions to herself, using herself as the reason, as if they were angry with her.

It sounded as if it was Jiang Lu who suffered because of her, rather than her being affected by Jiang Lu.

“You guys, apologize to Jiang Lu.” Seeing that the few of them had nothing to say, Qi Anan said without giving in.

“Huh? What did you say?” The boy seemed to have heard some kind of joke and couldn’t believe his ears: “You’re asking us to apologize to that… bastard? You must be kidding.”


Qi Anan looked at him with a puzzled expression and asked: “How can I have the time to joke with you, isn’t it normal to apologize when you hurt someone by saying the wrong thing?”

The boy acted as if he had been insulted: “Make me apologize? Why should I apologize to him? Who the hell is he! I…”

“If I tell you to apologize, then apologize.” Qi Anan’s face darkened. “Don’t mess with me, you should know that you can’t afford to mess with me.” Who cares, anyway, she was a rich and powerful bully in the eyes of everyone before, and this persona was just right to use at this moment.

The boy wanted to say something else, but his companion tugged on his sleeve from behind. The person who had a background was Qi Anan. She went to and from school in luxury cars, and even the principal personally led her to her seat when she was transferred. All teachers were polite to her. They, ordinary people, certainly couldn’t afford to mess with such a kind of person.

Finally, those few gossiping male students reluctantly lowered their heads and faced Jiang Lu, their voices were like mosquitos humming: “… We’re sorry, w-we shouldn’t have said that about you.”

Qi Anan felt very comfortable watching from the side. She had thought about it. Sooner or later, there will be such a day. She had to make sure everyone in front of the whole class realized that Jiang Lu was her good friend. She would protect him. Others couldn’t and weren’t allowed to bully him as they wished.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and just in time to take advantage of it. When she turned her unpleasant persona around in the future, she may be able to pull Jiang Lu into the class group together, and also let Jiang Lu make a few genuine good friends.

He had experienced so much, in the end, when the hard inner shell was cut open, there were still some soft parts inside. He was a gentle person by nature and would definitely make good friends.

Jiang Lu really didn’t expect that things would eventually develop in this direction. Since he was a child, he had long been indifferent to the insults and verbal abuse of others. If he had to go up and ask for justice whenever someone scolded him, then he would be extremely dumb.

He never thought that he would one day receive an apology, just thinking about this kind of thing felt absurd and ridiculous.


Jiang Lu slightly sat up straight, his gaze lazily swept past the boys and landed on Qi Anan’s eyes.

He looked at her, her eyes were still bright and clean, as if there was a crystal light inside, looking at him with a hint of expectation.

The Jiang Lu’s bony fingers were white, and only he knew how hard he was pinching the pen, and only he heard the “click” crack of the fragile plastic.

“It’s okay.” Finally, Jiang Lu said in a deep voice, he lowered his eyelashes, raven-winged eyelashes cast a small shadow under the eyes.

At the beginning of the class, Qi Anan was also very immersive to listen carefully to a few sentences, but soon she was lost in thought. At the moment, they were studying the content for the third year of high school, and they will have to pass the high school entrance examination in a few months. The content was indeed simpler for her, who used to be considered a top student.

She was now wondering, what did Jiang Lu’s expression mean at the end? Those few people apologized to him, but he didn’t look very happy but also didn’t look angry.

Oh, forget it, it was too complicated. Qi Anan couldn’t understand her cub. She could only say that she was worthy of being a big boss in the future. She exuded an unfathomable temperament at such a young age.

She held her chin up, deeply in thought, let go of this matter, there was another thing on her mind. Jiang Lu’s desk was a big problem, according to the description in the novel, no one was willing to be at the same desk with him. No matter who was sitting next to him, after a few days, the parents would call to talk with the teacher, but the next one would be in the same situation.

In the end, it was “Qi Anan” who gave the teacher the “good idea” to let Jiang Lu sit alone in the corner of the classroom, completely isolated from the entire class, without sharing a desk, so that no one would be offended.

This was how it was described in the novel, but now Qi Anan would certainly not let this happen. There were a few classmates in this class who were good people, but just because the children were okay with it, that didn’t mean that the parents would agree. After thinking about it, it seemed like the most suitable candidate was just herself.

She was extremely happy, and no one in her family cared about her.

But… wouldn’t it seem too extreme? Originally, her cub misunderstood her a lot and took the initiative to change to him. Would it seem as if she was scheming against him again?

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