Mother Fan Transmigrates as the Villainess Chapter 3 Part 2

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Chapter 3 – Like a lunatic handling things skillfully and easily.

Blondie and the others were habitual offenders. The police uncle knew them all. When he saw them, he couldn’t get angry: “It’s you again?! How many times has it’s been this year?! You wouldn’t need a spanking to stop causing trouble, right?!”

As soon as they came up to be lectured, the blondie and the others immediately exploded: “We were beaten up! We’re the victims! It’s him…”

He pointed his finger at Jiang Lu and met Jiang Lu’s indifferent gaze, and somehow he lowered his voice.

Although they were beaten to the ground, Jiang Lu’s temperament was really good, his school uniform was neat and clean, which seemed to be the synonym of an honor student.

The police uncle came over and asked him skeptically: “What’s going on with you guys?”

Qi Anan waved her mobile phone and hurriedly complained: “Police uncle, I’ve made a video. They were the ones who started it. ”


She originally wanted to have evidence just in case as a precaution, she recorded from the moment blondie insulted Jiang Lu until she found that Jiang Lu didn’t suffer at all during the fight, the rest wasn’t recorded.

Qi Anan showed the video to the police and explained: “Uncle Police, they speak too vulgarly. My classmate has been doing taekwondo since elementary school, so he must teach them a lesson. He never takes the initiative to cause trouble…”

Jiang Lu stood next to them, his eyes fell on Qi Ananfor a long time, and his brows were slightly knitted.

He looked at this girl seriously for the first time. It turned out that only when she had just transferred schools, heard people mention it by chance, and knew that she wasn’t ugly and always had a sense of arrogance and contempt.

Until she confessed to him with an ambiguous expression within two days, complimenting him on his beautiful face. He was filled with hatred and disgust toward her.

He hated it when people said he was beautiful.

But today, Qi Anan was clearly different from what he imagined, without the arrogance in her eyes, and even some childish and awkward girliness. Those eyes were black and white clearly contrasted. How well did a person have to be at acting to have such a crystal clear gaze? One could find out at a glance, that it didn’t contain any impurities whatsoever.

Black and white clearly contrasted: means that she could distinguish clearly right from wrong and it was unambiguous.

However, what was her purpose?

He couldn’t figure it out, Jiang Lu thought indifferently. He only had a pair of gorgeous flesh, other than that, there was no reason to linger a moment longer on that gaze.

No matter how beautiful the flesh is at the moment, it will no longer be novel, and she’ll leave when she’s tired of playing around. At that time, for the sake that her words and deeds weren’t that disgusting, he wouldn’t trouble her in the future.

The follow-up of the matter went smoothly, because blondie and the others were habitual offenders with a lot of criminal records, and they were indeed the first to cause trouble. The police uncle educated them verbally and let them go to school.

Along the way, Jiang Lu walked very fast, Qi Anan’s legs weren’t as long as his legs, and she could only keep up with his speed by jogging.

Although Jiang Lu didn’t say anything to drive her away this time, she asked questions such as “Do you go this way every day?” “Should I go to school with you in the future?” “We can also go home together after school in the evening” and he didn’t answer any of them.

It wasn’t until they were almost at the classroom door that Jiang Lu slowed down and looked back: “You want to come in with me?”

He spoke very slowly, it always felt like there was a sense of mockery.

Qi Anan didn’t understand his thinking, she had already walked to the door, if they weren’t going in together, would she have to wait at the door for a while before going in?

She nodded absentmindedly: “Let’s go in together, what’s the problem?”

Jiang Lu only dropped a sentence: “Suit yourself.” Then he walked into the classroom.

They were a class late. It was during the break after the first class, most of the students in the classroom were there, and some were already ready for class. Originally, the classroom was noisy, but the moment Jiang Lu walked into the door, it was as if someone pinched the pause button, and suddenly there was an awkward silence before the rustling sound resumed.

“How are the two of them together?”

“Certain people want to be gold diggers… People’s means should be hereditary…”

“Qi Anan just transferred here and doesn’t know anything. Did no one teach her anything ah?”

“People with money may be like this, filling their harem.”

When Jiang Lu walked past, everyone kept their heads down and muttered a sentence occasionally. He didn’t glance sideways, seemingly unaffected. But when Qi Anan then passed by, the sound of the discussion fell into her ears as if she didn’t exist, and then it fell into her heart.

In the novel, when Qi Anan just transferred schools, being wealthy and arrogant appearance wasn’t appealing to everyone, and they didn’t like her very much. It was only later when she invited her classmates to eat and drink several times that she slowly gained prestige and popularity. When she was persecuting Jiang Lu with cruel means, some people silently stepped on him to please her.


At this moment Qi Anan was so angry that she was about to explode, not because she was also scolded, but because of the baby cub’s situation – What the hell, it was just going together into a classroom, how could they present it like this.

She even saw Jiang Lu walking back to his seat, the girl at the table frowned and moved her stool out, disgusted beyond words. She didn’t restrain her movements, without regard to what he would think or feel.

If she didn’t do something at this moment, she’ll let down her honorable identity as a mother fan. Qi Anan slammed the table and pointed at the boys who were gossiping.

“What are you guys muttering about? Aren’t you like two or three-year-old kids, without any basic cognitive abilities? Are your heads full of garbage? If you’re dirty, you’ll feel everything else is dirty.”

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