Mother Fan Transmigrates as the Villainess Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3 – Like a lunatic handling things skillfully and easily.

Blondie couldn’t break free. He was still foul-mouthed: “I didn’t expect you to still have quite a character. Lao Tzu likes this…”

He stopped talking halfway through because the person in front of him suddenly smiled slightly.

It wasn’t a usual kind of smile, but it was cold and creepy. He only slightly hooked the corner of one side of the lips. It already brought up an unwarranted sense of oppression.

Blondie gulped. At that moment, his heart was a little hairy.

“If you’re like the others, you’ll frown and avoid me when you see me.” Jiang Lu spoke in a low voice. “I won’t bother to do anything to you.”


As soon as these words fell, Jiang Lu turned his wrist, and the crisp “snap” of the blondie’s wrist could be heard. As soon as he heard a scream in his mouth, Jiang Lu kicked him severely in the stomach and fell out half a meter away.

Jiang Lu hit really hard. blondie was lying on the ground covering his stomach and shaking. When his companions saw this, they immediately rushed up together with their fists swinging.

Five or six people fought against one. Qi Anan’s restless heart was stuck in her throat. Just now, she saw clearly, that although Jiang Lu was half a head taller than the blondie, he wasn’t as strong as the blondie. It would be awesome enough to be able to knock one person down. How could he be the opponent of so many people?

However, Qi Anan thought too much again, Jiang Lu was wordless and silent, but his hands didn’t f*ck around. Although the other side had many people, he didn’t fall behind. Even if a fist fell on him, he was indifferent, as if he didn’t feel pain, only to hit back with more explosive power.

In such a fierce fight, he was expressionless. His eyes were calm and without ripples, like a lunatic handling things skillfully and easily.

游刃有余 yóurènyǒuyú is literally handling a butcher’s cleaver with ease, which means handling things skillfully and easily.

Qi Anan felt a bit sad all of a sudden.

The book described a beautiful young man without mincing the words and tore him apart bit by bit. Since childhood, he was sensible and naive, holding innate tenderness and expectation for the world, and gradually retreated indifferently to his corner. He knew that he would repay my cruelty and ruthlessness and deceived himself in a love riddled with problems.

But fortunately, fortunately, she was here. She won’t drag him into the darkness. She’ll try to give him the sunshine that should belong to him.

He should have a life that didn’t ask about his birth and love where they knew each other well without doubting each other.

“Jiang Lu! Behind you!” Qi Anan was initially a little relieved to see that Jiang Lu had no problem one against many. Who would have thought that the blondie would crawl up while he was in a mess and pick up a stone while people couldn’t rest? The angle of the stone was sharp, and it was about to hit Jiang Lu on the back of his head!

However, the moment before Qi Anan warned, Jiang Lu had quickly ducked, turned around, and hit him on the chin with an uppercut.

It turned out that he had long been aware.

Qi Anan saw it and groaned. Watching the person who couldn’t get up, she looked at Jiang Lu, the only one standing.

It was rare to find that Jiang Lu was actually looking over, his indifferent pupils carried no emotions, so Qi Anan was immediately nervous.

Holy shit, ah, my baby cub is staring at me! It’s been three seconds! The perfect highlight moment for a book fan, ah!

Among the bunch of opening remarks such as “Are you okay,” “You aren’t hurt, right?”, “The things they’ve said, just take it as it was a dog barking.” Qi Anan had a hard time choosing between them, and this one was too bland, that one too polite. None of the sentences could express her true feelings.

“What are you doing with that?” While Qi Anan was choosing her words, Jiang Lu spoke out first.

Jiang Lu’s gaze fell on the brick in Qi Anan’s hand. The girl’s hands were delicate and soft, as soft as lily petals. She was holding a large thick, and bulky brick, which seemed out of place.

Qi Anan was afraid he would misunderstand, so she immediately explained: “I saw that they wanted to bully you. I originally wanted to help you. I just didn’t expect…” She didn’t expect that he could fight so well. She looked pretty stupid.

Jiang Lu didn’t express an opinion. Just now, he heard her remind him to be careful behind him. She took this thing and probably shouldn’t want to hit him.

Then she…

The hesitation that was hard to catch flashed in Jiang Lu’s eyes, but soon he chuckled: “You have so many tricks. Did you just pick up a prop for acting? Thank you for your trouble. My face is so honored.”

Goddamn, he still misunderstood. Qi Anan wanted to cry, and only the original body was to blame for leaving too bad of an impression. To be honest, it could also make people paranoid.

“No, I’m here because…”

But Jiang Lu obviously didn’t want to talk to her anymore. He retracted his gaze carelessly: “I’m not that fussy. Don’t think I don’t hit girls. One last time, f*ck off.”

Qi Anan’s lips curled at what he said. I don’t believe it, you, you have so much to say, and you don’t hit women in the first place. I saw how much I wanted you to hammer this vicious villainess, and I didn’t see you do it.


While she was slandering him, suddenly a burst of sirens could be heard from far, coming to their side.

Jiang Lu had already raised his leg to leave, but when he saw the police car coming, he was slightly startled and looked at Qi Anan with a complicated expression: “Did you call the police?”

It was over. It was over. she felt it was hard to express it clearly. She didn’t expect the current situation. Qi Anan whispered: “It was me… it’s because there were so many of them. I was afraid you would be at a disadvantage…”

In her mind, the weak and poor cub should’ve been pressed and beaten to the ground at this moment. Of course, it was also likely that she would’ve been pushed and beaten to the ground.

Qi Anan thought, excellent. Every time she tried to do something to leave a good impression on the cub, it would backfire. The massive hole in their relationship hadn’t been mended yet, and she had poked another hole in it.

He’ll definitely be going to repeat ruthless things.

However, this time Jiang Lu didn’t say anything, he lowered his eyes, and she couldn’t see his emotions at all.

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